Moly Instant Fat Filled Milk Powder

European Quality

Moly Instant Fat Filled Milk Powder 25 kg bag

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The best quality European Instant Fat Filled Milk Powder which offers superior dispersibility and wettability properties and is ideal for reconstitution with cold or hot water to make a delicious, nutritious and convenient liquid milk drink.

Product description

Moly Instant Fat Filled Milk Powder is produced in Poland (European Union) from pasture grazed cows fed natural, grass-based diets, ensuring sustainability and providing the highest standards of animal welfare.

It is manufactured by spray drying a combination of fresh, top-quality pasteurised skim milk with added palm oil and the addition of rapeseed lecithin for instantisation.

Moly is the registered trademark of Geo-Poland.

Main advantages

  • European origin.
  • Cost effective alternative to full cream milk powder.
  • Milk from pasture based cows.
  • Rich, milk flavour profile recognised internationally for its premium taste.
  • Readily reconstitutable with excellent dispersibility & wettability properties.
  • Ideal ingredient for yogurt, ice-cream, milk beverages, cheese and other confectionery.
  • Exceptionally low microbiological levels.
Parameters FFMP28/20 FFMP28/24 FFMP28/26
Protein 20 ± 1 % 24 ± 1 % 26 ± 1 %
Fat min. 28%
Carbohydrates, including lactose max. 44% max. 40% max. 38%
Moisture max. 3.5%
Ash max. 6.0% max. 6.5% max. 6.5%
pH min. 6.5
Insolubility (ml) max. 1.0
Wettability (seconds) max. 30
Bulk density (g/cm3) 0.45 - 0.5
Lecithin max. 0.6%
Titratable acidity ADPI (%) max. 0.15
Purity (disc) max. B


Moly Instant Fat Filled Milk Powder is packaged into 25 kg (net weight) paper bags with multiple layers of polyethylene, sealed by an easy-open tape or sewed with an overlay paper.

Net weight:
25 kg
Shelf life:
12 months
Storage conditions:
Temp.: ≤ 25°C, humidity: ≤ 75%

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